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“We all have the duty to call attention to the science and seriousness of early childhood cognitive development—because the years between birth and age five are the foundation upon which successful lives are built.”

Laura Bush, White House Summit on Early Childhood Cognitive Development, 2001

As preschool teachers and child-care providers, we have both -- the wonderful opportunity and the important responsibility -- to teach and nurture our youngest children. The years from birth through age five are a time of extraordinary growth and change. It is in these years that children develop the basic knowledge, understandings, and interests they need to reach the goal of being successful learners, readers, and writers. All young children deserve experiences that will help them to achieve this goal.

Young children need teachers who welcome all children to their classrooms, including children from various cultures and children whose first language is not English.

Young children need teachers who take time to work with them individually, in small groups, and sometimes with the entire class—to help them develop their cognitive and social skills, their language abilities, and their interest in learning new things about the world. They need instruction to develop the thinking, language, and early literacy skills needed for continued school success. Little Genius Academy teachers could be best described as a committed, passionate and professional team which prides itself on its work. There is also a sense of shared purpose that energizes us as we tangle with the challenges of preparing children for future life success. Our work is at times deeply frustrating, but that frustration is balanced by a durable sense of accomplishment as children become active learners and dignified, respectful people.

Our preschool teachers and child-care providers:

Know when children can figure out new ideas and concepts on their own and when it is important to explain things to them step-by-step;
Encourage children to participate in classroom activities and to honor the classroom rules;
Plan activities that have a purpose and that challenge children;
Know how to help children learn to work together and to resolve their conflicts and encourage children to respect each others time and personal belongings.

We always remember that we are holding the key to the future academic success of the young children in our care and our teacher-to-student ratios allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our center.

Our preschool teachers are dedicated, creative, caring, and energetic. With a college degree in a child-related field, they are also highly trained. Our entire preschool staff complete CPR & First Aid training, child abuse awareness training, and have passed a thorough criminal background check.