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Why I choose Little Genius Academy?

I have been taking my daughters to Little Genius for over two years now and I am so happy with their experiences and growth. This is the best daycare and I can't say enough great things about it. I'll try to list a few to help explain why I'm so appreciative of this great daycare / school for my girls:

1) The teachers and staff are so loving, smart and understanding. My 3 year old talks about all of them at home with such a smile on her face. They also give them great big hugs every day we leave and they are always so happy to see them arrive in the morning.

2) My 3 year old does a project every day and is so proud of her work. She's always singing new songs, dancing and telling me about her lessons. She's already spelling words out loud.

3) I brought our second girl to daycare at 3 months. This was emotionally difficult for me. But knowing she was in such great hands I didn’t look back. They keep her on a schedule and help me with next phases (e.g. transitioning to one nap, eating solids, etc.).

4) They send me pictures of them at school and will call me during the day if ever there is a question.

5) The food is healthy and great.

6) Every building is clean and organized.

7) All the teachers, even for the toddlers, put so much time and effort into their lesson plans.

8) The location is great - close to BART.

9) The hours are so convenient (7 to 7 if needed).

10) The price is very reasonable.

11) All the extra activities and celebrations are so much fun! ...Halloween party, spring festival, Holiday party and recital, Graduation (for all levels) and lots of mommy and child or daddy and child special activities.

12) I live in Blackhawk and make the extra drive because I value this daycare / school so much.
Liberty E.