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To provide high quality child care, inspire, challenge and educate.


We want to be a place where we realize that we are always learning and the love of learning is highly valued.


Deep inside, every one of us believes that we are born for something important. However, not all of us succeed in going through life’s processes and realize our own destinies. Just imagine if we could answer these three simple questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Our answers would change our future and improve the quality of our lives.

The philosophy of our childcare center is based upon the strong belief that every child is naturally gifted and that his or her talents are yet to be discovered.

Our strongest belief is that the only way to create a good foundation for a child is to teach in harmony with his or her natural rhythm and individual nature. Additionally, it is very important to discover a child’s talents and teach children how to use them.

The key to our success is to define the proper path that will guide our children towards a successful life, which is exactly what Little Genius Academy is designed to do. Early childhood education is the most effective way to build competence and self-confidence. These two traits will be the foundation for a child’s future learning.

Our preschool educational center has a great responsibility for the future of our children. We are obligated introduce them to the wonderful world of knowledge in pleasant, playful, and fun way. To do that, Little Genius Academy possesses all the necessary resources that range from infant and toddler facilities to preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten. These resources serve as steps to smoothly guide young students to the entry level of elementary school.


To recruit and retain professional teachers who are dedicated to the hearts and development of young children; to provide a safe, consistent and enriched environment of appropriate activities; to provide consistently high quality care by continuously evaluating our operations.

Therefore we offer

Experienced staff with extensive training in early care and education; Consistent, comforting and fun routines that meet the needs of each age group; Positive guidance methods including clear limits, redirection, modeling, opportunities to make choices, and positive expectations of each child; Planned activities and experiences to develop self help skills and independence; Opportunities for everyone to develop, practice, and model happy, healthy behaviors; Small classes and low child to teacher ratios; An atmosphere where children feel at home.