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I have two children ages (almost) 2 and 5 who attend LGA. They both started at 5 months of age so I have a long history with this school. The bottom line is that our children have developed wonderfully and enjoy going here. The staff has been very warm and nurturing and the school provides a lot of stimulating activity.
Dave M.

I have been taking my daughters to Little Genius for over two years now and I am so happy with their experiences and growth. This is the best daycare and I can't say enough great things about it. I'll try to list a few to help explain why I'm so appreciative of this great daycare / school for my girls:

1) The teachers and staff are so loving, smart and understanding. My 3 year old talks about all of them at home with such a smile on her face. They also give them great big hugs every day we leave and they are always so happy to see them arrive in the morning.

2) My 3 year old does a project every day and is so proud of her work. She's always singing new songs, dancing and telling me about her lessons. She's already spelling words out loud.

3) I brought our second girl to daycare at 3 months. This was emotionally difficult for me. But knowing she was in such great hands I didn’t look back. They keep her on a schedule and help me with next phases (e.g. transitioning to one nap, eating solids, etc.).

4) They send me pictures of them at school and will call me during the day if ever there is a question.

5) The food is healthy and great.

6) Every building is clean and organized.

7) All the teachers, even for the toddlers, put so much time and effort into their lesson plans.

8) The location is great - close to BART.

9) The hours are so convenient (7 to 7 if needed).

10) The price is very reasonable.

11) All the extra activities and celebrations are so much fun! ...Halloween party, spring festival, Holiday party and recital, Graduation (for all levels) and lots of mommy and child or daddy and child special activities.

12) I live in Blackhawk and make the extra drive because I value this daycare / school so much.
Liberty E.

I can't say enough great things about Ms. Cathy or the wonderful job she does at Little Genius Academy!! I started sending my son to see her roughly a year ago, when she was still running the kindergarten class. I loved that it was a small, intimate setting where my son got a lot of personal attention and hardly ever came home sick. Healthy lunches & snacks were cooked each day for the kids - and they would actually eat them! My favorite part about this place is that for the last year, there's never been a day that my son doesn't want to go to school. He comes home singing about the continents, recognizes his letters (although we're still working on numbers), and loves to paint & be creative - he's really flourished here! If you're looking for a large fancy facility where your child is simply a number amongst many, this is not the right place for you. It's a small preschool, but it's clean, organized, and your child gets the personal attention s/he deserves to learn & grow!
Dan S.

I am absolutely thrilled with Little Genius. I have extremely high standards for my kids & they provide care that is above & beyond my expectation, we are very happy. We have twin girls, & brought them there at @ 8 months I think, we first started in the infant room. I was un-happy with the quality of care & cleanliness at a larger area daycare & was exploring new options. I wish I had switched sooner; my girls are happy & are developing ahead of schedule! We have since enrolled our third little one there & plan to stay as long as age allows.
Staff- awesome, loving & attentive. They are also adequately staffed, highly energetic folks that keep up with the toddlers. The staff is also pretty stable, not a lot of turnover, so it's consistent for the kids. We are very satisfied with cleanliness - the kids are sick a lot less than they were at our old daycare. Communication - it is better than most, the staff always let us know personally little fun things the kids to each day - or if something went wrong.
Other things I like:

1) Ease of medication permissions, they are very flexible when having to give the kids medicine & are great @ keeping track. It was a huge un-planned hassle at our old daycare.

2) The food, some daycares don't provide food - little genius does & the kids really like it.

3) Laundry - little genius has their own laundry & they wash the kid’s blankets/ect. It's great not to haul three toddlers worth of blankets home for washing every week.

4) Fantastic outdoor space! I never really thought of this when originally looking for care, it's critical to a child's well being & enjoyment.

We are extremely happy & I won't hesitate to stay there as long as we possibly can.
Mara S.

My daughter has been going to Little Genius Academy since September 2010 and we have been nothing but pleased of the wonderful care that she has received everyday that she has been there. The director, teachers, and staff are all as caring and attentive to not only her needs, but our needs as parents as well. One concern I had when I initially enrolled her was how small the center was. She had been a much bigger daycare previously. My concerns were quickly put to rest. Within a few weeks, I realized that the teachers are aware of the ALL the students at the center, not just the ones in their own classroom. It brought me great comfort to know that the center has such an intimate feel. The teachers and staff and so loving, caring, and attentive to all the kids needs. I have never seen a child neglected in the daycare. Even when the teacher’s hands are full with an upset child, they are always comforting to any other child in the room that needs care. They genuinely care for all the kids and it shows in how quickly they respond to their needs in such a comforting way. One time I was late to attend an event that all other parents had showed up for. I walked in and my daughter's teacher was giving her lots of extra love, comfort, and attention to ensure that she didn't feel left out with all the other parents there. As a working parent, these simple but thoughtful acts make all the difference. The teachers have always been very forthcoming in giving me information about my daughter's day and discussing her needs. They have always been receptive to hearing my needs and addressing them. If there is an issue that they are not sure how I would want them to handle with her (eating, sleeping, discipline, etc.) they always ask me directly and are very respectful of my wishes. There is an obvious strong communication amongst the teachers as well. If I don't see her main teachers at pickup or drop-off, the other teachers can relay how her day has been. The director and team are truly phenomenal. I feel comfortable to approach them with any questions/concerns I have no matter how little. There have been a few times when I have brought up concerns and they were addressed immediately. They have always been on top of issues and are in contact with me about the issues while they are being resolved. I have always felt heard and never dismissed. They are so open to speak with that I truly feel that my input as a parent is welcomed and valued. I recommend all families to visit the center and make an informed decision. I would highly recommend the little Genius Academy Daycare to any family looking for a caring daycare environment

Our overall experience with Little Genius Academy has been a very positive one in every aspect. We have two kids now 5 and 3 years old. The younger one was 6 months old and the older - 2.5 years old, when they started at LGA, and we have been with this daycare ever since. We have had the opportunity to observe the routines in all 3 buildings by now and have had a great experience all through.
I will rate 5 stars for the teachers - all through we have had kind and professional teachers care for our little ones; 5 stars on the facility - the daycare is clean, maintained very well; playgrounds are equipped with age appropriate structures and provide for lots of fun; Management - 5 stars - they are very accommodating and cater to all the parents concerns and requests in a very professional way;
Curriculum - teachers work consistently with the kids in making sure they master new skills and learn their age-appropriate lessons;
Social events at school - Halloween, Xmas, Easter are a joy for kids and the families. The teachers go way and beyond in decorating and creating a festive setting with fun games and activities for all ages.
On a daily basis they have fun activities in the afternoon in the yard with bubble making and dancing to music, and kids love it.
We highly recommend the day-care!
Iva S.

I was referred to this daycare/pre-school after a bad experience at an in-home daycare. My son started attending Little Genius at 6mths old and is now 3 years old. The staff is very loving and caring. They take excellent care of my son. He has learned so many things. They are very flexible with schedules when needed. Hot meals every day, "home cooked meals" that is one of the best things; my son is not just eating cold cuts every day. I cannot say enough good things about Little Genius.
My son has also always been happy to go to school, and excited to learn new things. The staff has always told me about my son's day, we even get a little slip with all the info from his day along with evidence of what he has been learning. I would recommend them to anyone who wants their child in a loving, and caring environment!
Adrianna T.

We LOVE LGA! Our daughter is 15 months old and has been there ever since I went back to work when she was 3 months old. The teachers have always given her individual care - I have never felt like the classrooms are too big. The teachers are extremely friendly and very easy to talk to. Our daughter is so excited when we drop her off each morning. She is happy to be there and play with her friends. There is great structure to her day with healthy meals and fun craft projects. I wouldn't want her to be anywhere else!
Kaitlin Y.

The Little Genius Academy in Walnut Creek is a loving caring environment for the little ones and a supportive rigorous academic and fun environment for the older ones. The teachers and staff are the utmost professional and you can simply tell they love their job. We have watched the Academy change to accommodate the children's needs - it has gone above and beyond expectation and we will be very sad to leave.
Gregory P.

We loved Little Genius! They have an excellent infant care program and the teachers were incredibly caring - they treated my daughter like the little individual she is. There were lots of hugs, laughing and playing every day. The director of the school is very responsive and addressed all our questions/concerns as first timers in dealing with a daycare program. We highly recommend Little Genius Academy!

We enrolled our twin infant girls after having a not so satisfactory experience at a large corporate daycare. I can honestly say I believe the caring & nurturing staff at the academy does a better job than I can at keeping them happy/ healthy/ entertained! I feel at ease knowing the girls are cared for in a compassionate loving way all day. They have really developed beyond my expectations at the academy, provided with great & engaging activities. I would 100% recommend this school to anyone who is looking for quality care.

This is a really fun place for the kids! You, as a parent, can pick out the days you need your kids there, and the prices are very reasonable and include hot meals every day. They always have fun activities, and also they provide a great learning experience, and the teachers are very dedicated. I cannot speak more highly about this preschool.

Excellent care, great education program! Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. My child is happy here.