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Early child development.

I’d like to reveal major differences between private and public preschool system and help you to make an educated decision, choosing wisely what’s best for your child. I am a mother myself and understand exactly how important it is to define the best path from the start, since the foundation you lay today will determine the rest of your child’s educational experience.
I don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions for families, especially in a household of two working parents. However, most families don’t even conduct proper research for their children’s preschool education, fearing the investment in time, anxious of discovering high costs, and feeling unsure as to what factors to compare in the first place. Because of those incorrect assumptions there is huge opportunity that is left for you. There’s a huge gap here and very little competition.
Allow me to kindly debunk these assumptions, and shed good news about the future of your child’s primary education.
Let’s compare Public kindergarten versus Little Genius Academy in Walnut Creek, California. I'm not going to waste your time with a long explanation, and what you need now are the FACTS.

FACT ONE: Class size which translates into students to teacher ratio 30 to 1 in a Public system versus 12 to 1 in Little Genius Academy. It’s widely agreed that the fewer children in a group, the more attention your child will receive on a day-to-day basis. Even the best of curricula is severely jeopardized if students are prevented from learning. No teacher can run a class at its full potential when he or she must attend to even the smallest of demands of 30 plus kids.
My point is: Lower ratio of students to teacher enables teachers to focus on each child’s individual needs. Small classes enable teachers to closely familiarize themselves with each student’s track in academic, social and emotional growth. And, lower ratio makes for a better learning environment and management of classroom.

FACT TWO: Curriculum. Public system offer Single curriculum for class. The strengths of advanced students will suffer with a single curriculum, while they wait for others to catch up to class level. My question to parents who vote for public kindergarten is do you feel that your child gets enough personal attention to develop their strengths or do they teach to the lowest common denominator?
In Little Genius Academy curriculum is dynamic and designed to fit each child’s needs. Small classes 8 to 12 kids allow regrouping students according to level of growth. Advanced students can maximize the curriculum and move forward as well as serve as helpers. Students with average performances can continue to excel, and children who demonstrate more difficulties with new material will have the full attention from teachers, allowing them to modify best deemed fit for the child’s success. Curriculum is designed for success at all levels and for children to obtain a positive self esteem at every level of development
Thus, this method allows for cultivating leadership, confidence, logical thinking, individuality and wider knowledge for all groups.

FACT THREE: Parental Involvement. Public preschools generally rely on active parental involvement. Parents should be prepared to volunteer as much as possible, a factor to be considered when assessing your schedule.
In Little Genius Academy attention to detail fewer burdens on parents.

Here are the highlights of our preschool:.

1. Extended hours of operation from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

2. Five meals provided daily: Breakfast, hot lunch, and 3 snacks a day

3. All supplies for children are provided by the Academy. This includes diapers, wipes, bedding, and all educational materials

4. Fully remodeled and secure facility equipped with surveillance cameras and coded door locks.

Allow me to recap the benefits that you will receive: Five extra hours a week, no unsafe commute during the rush hours, no need to spend extra time in the kitchen preparing lunch bags, no more headaches because we take all burdens off of your shoulders.
And all of this at no extra cost to you!
Very warm family environment, Interaction between parents and teachers more frequent which gives the parents a peace of mind. They know what their child is learning and at what level of progress.

FACT FOUR: Money factor. This is very important factor that often raises confusion. I constantly hear from parents that Public kindergartens are free. However, is this really the case?
In public kindergarten class runs from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 – in other words three hours per day, five days a week. And this is pretty much where that free part of the education begins and ends.
If you are full time working parents, you’ll likely need to consider pre and/or after school care programs.
Let’s combine before and after school care, add on daily meals plus any other school materials all of a sudden, “free education” is actually costing you at least $977 per month.
Last but not least, the public system is in session for only 180 school days (subtracting all the breaks) versus 245 in private preschool. Why is this important to your decision-making process? Because those 65 days taken off at public institutions are not actually FREE, since parents will still be forced to pay for care while they’re at work. With an average additional cost of $15 per day for care, this can accrue an additional cost of $975 per year.
Let me ask you a question? Do you think most parents know about these critical factors? Unfortunately not, which is why so many families are paying more money for so called “free” public preschools? Now is the time to act, and take advantage of this huge gap of information regarding your child’s education. Do what’s best for your family today, and your child’s future!
Allow me to recap.
Today you have a choice. You can choose Little Genius Academy for your children where they get substantial personal attention to develop their strengths and create a promising foundation in competence and self-confidence.
I’m most proud to share that our graduates are consistently and constantly exceeding the performance of the public system. And, having your own child excel is my commitment to you and your family. Let us become an invaluable instrument in your child’s development and success in life.
There is clearly a demand for private preschools and kindergartens which simply means you need to make a decision and I hope that a straight talk I used here will help you do that.